Our Team



Mike wolfe

Mike Wolfe, Owner / Instructor

My father instilled a love of diving in me at an early age, sending me out into the water with his equipment but no formal scuba training. His only instruction was "Don't go out too far". Since then I've taken every possible opportunity to be in, on, under, or at least near the water. I was brought up here in western North Carolina and raised my family here, and for nearly 25 years I have run my own construction and remodeling company. Several years ago, my doctor started telling me I needed to find a hobby that was stress-relieving and easy on my joints. That was the perfect opportunity for me to formalize my training as a diver. Little did I know that those PADI classes I took right here in Asheville would lead me into a life that revolves more and more every day around scuba! The more time I spent diving, the more I realized the divers having the most fun were the best-trained, and therefore the most confident in the water. So I continued my own training, obtaining many specialty diver certifications and becoming a Master Diver. Along the way, I've been lucky enough to dive all over the Caribbean, Mexico and along the southern US Coast. It was a logical progression for me to continue my training and to become an instructor myself. My goal as a Master Scuba Diver Instructor is to train you to be ready to hit the water as a well-trained and responsible diver, and to enjoy the amazing aquatic adventure waiting for you in our beautiful oceans.



Carole Wolfe, Owner / Travel Services

Carole's career in the travel industry began over 30 years ago when she was chosen to intern at one of the most successful travel agencies in the Southeast. She went on to specialize in corporate travel, eventually ending up as part of a team of national account managers with a subsidiary of American Express Corporate Travel. After moving to Atlanta following the birth of her son, Carole shifted her focus to leisure travel, specializing in group travel and cruises. A self-confessed cruise addict, at the end of 2015, she will set sail on her 80th voyage. As the exclusive travel organizer for Mountains To The Seas Scuba and Travel, Carole will handle every detail of your adventure, making sure your travel experience is exactly what you want it to be.


AJ Jergins


AJ is our certified SDI Divemaster, and has been diving since July of 2018, with nearly 100 dives logged. He has a  passion for shark conservation and marine ecosystem preservation, and is currently working on his Green Fins certification, which focuses on minimizing the detrimental impact that diving can have on sensitive corals and other ecosystems. AJ is friendly, knowledgeable, and enjoys sharing his love of diving with others. 

AJ is constantly expanding his skills as a diver, and is working towards becoming an SDI instructor.


Holt Flannelly

Holt Flannelly, Instructor

I grew up around diving. I learned to swim at 18 months old and never looked back. My early years were spent 6 months out of the year down in the USVI where the family lived on their boat, making a living leading snorkel tours and diving trips specializing on families with small children. The other 6 months of the year were spent "mainland" in the US. We returned to the US full time for kindergarten, but the love for being in the water remained. Swimming competitively for 13 years, snorkeling and diving every vacation that I could, while working up to Divemaster like my father. I never thought I would be an instructor, and only recently did I decide to begin teaching this sport I have always enjoyed. I love to see the excitement on peoples face as they begin their diving adventure. Let's go diving!